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Yoga Mindfulness Book
Exercise 1 from Yoga Mindfulness Book


Tools: No prompts needed

Ages: 2+


This basic and very important seated yoga pose is called SUKHASANA.

This pose helps to calm the mind, improve the flexibility of ankles, knees, and hips, and to strengthen the back. Sukhasana is the perfect pose for beginning any class because it encourages concentration and focus, priming the mind for both play and learning.

  1. In this position, make sure that the body is erect but relaxed. Your back should be straight with your legs crossed, and your knees should be as level and close to the ground as possible.

  2. Your shoulders should be straight and relaxed without your body leaning to either side. Make sure that this rise is comfortable for your child. Upright, cross-legged sitting actually helps children activate their core muscles, providing greater postural stability.

  3. Maintaining a cross-legged position requires various elements of movement. The hip joints must have a great range of rotation, which will decrease potential stress on the sacroiliac joints of the pelvis.

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