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Yoga Mindfulness Book
Exercise 13 from Yoga Mindfulness Book

Tools: No prompts needed

Ages: 2+

Air Conditioner Breathing or Sheetali Pranayama

Kids love this breathing exercise because you can really feel the cold air as you practice. The meaning of the word “Sheetali” is cooling down, and this pose is fantastic at refreshing your body with a cool sensation.

This breathing helps to decrease or cool down your body temperature. It also may have a positive impact on your child’s nervous system and endocrine glands.

  1. Sit comfortable and keep your both hands on your knees.

  2. Now stick your tongue all the way out and fold up both sides of it so it looks like a tube or straw.

  3. Take a long, deep inhalation as if your tongue was a straw. Exhale through your nose.

Note: if children have difficulty rolling their tongues, they can place the tip of their tongue on the roof of their mouth for the same effect.

Air Conditioner Breathing or Sheetali Pranayama
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