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Yoga Mindfulness Book
Exercise 24 from Yoga Mindfulness Book

Tools: No prompts needed

Ages: 2+

Flower Pose or Vikasitakamalasana

This pose will develop your core muscles and increase your coordination skills.

After practicing, you and your child will experience an energy boost.

  1. Come to a sitting position on your buttocks. Then, bend your knees and transition into a cross-legged pose, sitting with a tall spine.

  2. On an inhale, firm your belly and lift your legs. Balance on your sitting bones.

  3. Lift your chest and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Hold your arms steady under your legs, with your palms holding your legs, and pretend to open up into a blossoming flower.

  4. Take a few slow, deep breaths in Flower Pose, pretending you are smelling a flower.

Flower Pose or Vikasitakamalasana
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