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Yoga Mindfulness Book
Exercise 6 from Yoga Mindfulness Book


Tools: No prompts needed

Ages: 2+

Bear Pose or Uttanasana

The bear pose helps us build awareness of our own bodies and shows kids just how far they can reach with their arms. Building a high-level understanding of your body in this way prepares you to begin introducing more complex poses.


While you and your child are walking like bears, you’ll appreciate the focus it takes to maintain your balance while shifting your weight from one leg to the other. At the same time, you can growl like a bear to add some fun and help your child develop their speech and communication skills.

The bear pose stretches hamstrings and calf muscles. It activates both hip muscles, which promotes increasing core stability.


IMPORTANT: clear space in order to allow for movement without injury.

  1. Stand up with your legs slightly spread, about hips-width apart.

  2. Bend forward from the waist and reach the back of the legs with both hands just below your knees.

  3. Lean forward slowly like a big bear, and try to keep holding your legs with your hands at the same time.

  4. Walk around slowly. Then, after a couple of steps, straighten up and stretch your back. Try to have fun by making different noises and pretending you are a bear.

Bear Pose or Uttanasana
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