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Montessori Learning Tower: All you Need to Know

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Children have a great interest in exploring the things around them. As they grow, their curiosity also increases, and it is all up to you how you organize and set the learning environment for them to help them grow. You have likely heard about the Montessori learning tower.

It is one of the recommended items that you should have if you have toddlers in your home. It’s a piece of furniture that lets children stand higher so they can easily reach a kitchen sink, counter, or climb to see a dinner table.

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These towers provide your children with a supportive and safe environment. It helps boost their creativity by engaging in different activities and self-learning ways.

Thanks to these learning towers, toddlers and children under six can participate in kitchen practical life skills and experience new activities.

Scroll down to view why do you need these Montessori learning towers and how they can benefit your child.

When to Start Using Montessori Learning Tower?

The right age to use learning towers is between 2 years and six years, depending on the kid's development.

Even some parents start using these towers when their child is only 18 months old. Interestingly, many learning towers come with adjustable platforms, allowing you to set height as per your child's growth.

You can let your toddler start using it but with close supervision. Toddlers must stand on their feet while using a learning tower. In addition, children up to 6 years can use the larger size Montessori learning towers.

It will allow them to climb and use it more comfortably. Another option is to get adjustable towers for your child. As a parent, it will save you from the trouble of buying a new one as your child grows.

You can increase its height accordingly. So, you can use this type of tower for a longer time and save your money.

Benefits of Montessori Learning Towers

Learning towers can provide independence, confidence, and a safe platform for your child to reach counter height. Moreover, they ensure security and comfort.

1. Quality Time

Firstly, toddlers are curious, and they are interested in knowing what you are doing all day around the house. It is not easy to manage daily chores, especially kitchen tasks while holding a toddler in your arms.

So, here comes the need for a learning tower that allows toddlers to stand comfortably. In addition, when your toddler gets two years or older, you can allow them to help you with simple tasks. In this way, they can improve their fine motor skills.

2. Safer for Children

A stool or chair can also help children get to a higher spot, but toddlers may fall from them. The towers come with special features to ensure your child's safety. These stable towers have a wide base and four legs, providing complete stability while reducing the chances of falling.

Some companies offer designs that cover all sides with felt or wooden planks and save children from falling. At the same time, some towers have a wooden bar placed at the back to ensure protection.

In addition, some Montessori learning towers come with a unique design that helps you get a better view of your child’s access to kitchen appliances.

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3. Unique Play Space

Another benefit of the learning tower is using it as the best play space. Companies manufacturing these towers offer the best pieces that you can transform into an ice-cream shop, puppet show theater, lemonade stand, popcorn stand, so on. It can encourage your child to play and express their creativity.

4. Skills Development and Improvement

The most significant benefit is learning towers empower children and allow them to develop fine motor skills.

For instance, they can help in the kitchen under supervision, help in setting the living room, and do similar little tasks. In this way, children can increase their confidence. Child development experts claim that Montessori learning towers can help contribute to their cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development.

5. Independence

It can create a learning environment and foster independence in your child. They will feel confident doing different activities. As a result, they get more chances to explore new things and climb in and out of the tower by themselves.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Montessori Learning Tower

You can find different types of learning towers. All types mean to foster learning and development in children. Each learning tower may not be suitable for your child in some ways.

Here are some essential factors you need to look for, like size, sturdiness, and features, when buying one for your little one.

1) Adjustability

The first thing you need to consider is an adjustable platform. It helps to keep your little one at counter height. In addition, it ensures comfort, safety, and security.

When children feel comfortable, they can help you without creating any problems. If you provide them with a tower that is not suitable for their height, they will not feel comfortable.

2) Size

One of the most important factors is size. You need to check how much space you have where you want to keep the tower. It may be a kitchen or somewhere else in your home. Some pieces are slimmer and require less space.

Some are larger and occupy more space, while others come with foldable options. So, foldable Montessori learning towers are more useful since you do not need to worry about the size.

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3) Material

Another essential thing is to check the durability and sturdiness of the material used in the tower. You can find different designs with different materials like natural waxes and finished. Moreover, other materials include sustainably sourced wood free from formaldehyde glues.

4) Usage

Moreover, it would be best if you considered how much and often your child would use it. Determining the time your child will spend on it can help you purchase the right one.

5) Durability

A Montessori learning tower is helpful for children until they are 4 to 6 years. It may also depend on your child's height since some children grow faster than others.

However, getting an adjustable learning tower can extend its usage. You can use it for years for your other children as well.

6) Safety and Independence

Each learning tower comes with different levels of safety and autonomy. Safety entrapments can allow your child to move in and out freely.

In addition, some learning towers offer adaptable safety rungs and even heights. Considering these factors can help ensure safety and autonomy.

7) Additional Features

Besides considering the main factors mentioned above, you can look into these additional features.

Some learning towers offer convertible or add-on features. Interestingly, some learning towers are convertible into activity centers or drawing boards. So, these adjustable features can benefit your child in so many ways.

Where is Montessori Learning Towers Helpful?

Toddlers can use these learning towers or kitchen helpers in many ways, including:

a) Participating

Kitchen helpers or learning towers help toddlers participate with their parents in different activities. You can engage them in so many kitchen activities and other tasks.

These can include peeling potatoes, mixing the sauces, keeping things in their place, etc. You can let your child participate in what they are interested in learning.

b) Helping at the Kitchen Sink

Moreover, children can enjoy the opportunity to play with water while helping you with washing dishes. Getting your child to participate in small tasks will help you in household cleaning. In this way, they can learn ways to keep things clean.

c) Helping in Other Areas of House

Children can also use these Montessori learning towers in other house areas, like near the bathroom sink. Besides, they can also use it in the living room, bedroom, and different regions.

It can help children with tasks like cleaning windows, furniture, shelf, and so on. Children can also read a storybook comfortably while waiting for you to finish something. You can also supervise them easily.

d) Observing

Toddlers can get the opportunity to observe things around quickly by using a kitchen helper. In this way, they feel independent. It is a fact that children adapt and learn from observing their parents.

The towers can help them get up to eye level and observe their parents and siblings. It can promote their learning behavior in daily tasks.


There is no doubt that learning towers provide you with many benefits as a parent and for the child. But it would help if you kept a few things in mind to prevent any accidents.

  • You need to keep all dangerous items out of reach of your child, like stovetop, kitchen knives, and so on.

  • You can also discuss these risks with your child and keep them well aware.

Where to buy it?

Bottom Line

A good level of supervision can make these Montessori learning towers helpful for your child's development. Your children can involve in practical activities and improve their learning capacity by using these towers.

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Caroline Forbes
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Discovering Montessori Learning Tower opens a world of educational possibilities for young ones. From fostering independence to promoting centurylink customer support number creativity, it's a game-changer in early childhood development. With its sturdy design and adjustable features, it's a safe and practical solution for kids to explore and learn alongside adults in the kitchen or other areas. Invest in their growth with this innovative tool!