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Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old

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Long gone are the days when you didn't need to think of the best birthday party ideas for your six-year-old. Before, you could gather your child's friends at your house and celebrate without any special preparations. You could just get a cake and some snacks, and children would have fun on their own.

However, that is no longer the case. Kids are now smarter and have birthday party ideas before they even learn their own birthday.

You may have already noticed how big of a smile appears on your child’s face when you say the word ‘party.’ It is a thrilling idea for them to have a birthday party of their own.

Over the course of their life, the chances are that they’ve attended plenty of birthday parties. Or, if your child’s birthday arrives in the later months of the year, they may already have attended their friends’ six-year-old birthday parties.

All this contributes to one thing: they are expecting a lot from you as parents for their own birthday party.

Birthday Party Ideas - Themes

A children’s party is never complete without 👇🏼

1. Robot-Themed Birthday Party

Robots is a really fun birthday theme that excites all children. What makes it even better? It works for girls as well as boys. Your child will love throwing a robot-themed party for their birthday.

While it is not a particularly popular birthday party idea, it is one that all 6-year-olds will surely love.

Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old IMG1

There is so much you can do for a birthday party that has robots as its main theme. You can make DIY cardboard robots or hand-stamp all the napkins with robotic details. Or, you can let children make their own robots as a fun activity. The guests can take theirs’ home as a party favor.

2. Superhero-Themed Birthday Party

If you are looking for birthday party ideas that your little superhero will love, why not make it the theme of the celebration?

Yes, you can plan a superhero-themed birthday party for your high-spirited child. It could involve their favorite superhero or all of them.

Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old IMG2

For this idea, you can also ask all the young guests to dress up in their favorite superhero costumes. Or, you can hire an entertainer dressed up as a superhero. Even girls can get a chance to channel their inner hero at the party. The possibilities are endless!

3. Garden Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old IMG3

There are numerous different kinds of garden birthday party ideas that you can choose from. However, we are here to help you plan one that relates to the birthday child’s age.

While this is a theme that parents normally choose for their girls, young boys can enjoy gardens and flowers just as much.

It must be your go-to theme if your young one has a soft personality and your home has a garden, whether on the front lawn or backyard. You can turn it into a picnic spot and let the kids spend some time playing on the grass.

Or, if not, you can also choose to opt for a garden theme in an indoor space. For this, you can help the children plant some starter seeds in a pot to grow a lovely plant.

Children love animals and learning about them, so any theme that involves one or more animals can be pretty attention-grabbing. If you want to add some wild fun to your child’s party, this is a great birthday party idea.

Boys, girls, and even adult guests are bound to enjoy a jungle-themed party.

You can also add interactive learning activities to encourage kids to learn about the different animals in the world. For other kinds of educational activities, you can have children solve fun workbooks and printable worksheets.

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

4. Water Games

If you don’t mind messy birthday activities, water games offer plenty of fun, especially during the summer. You can let them come with their swimsuits and towels and plan some fun games.

Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old IMG4

You can set up your garden or backyard with beach towels and deck chairs. You can set up a kiddie pool and let them enjoy activities like a water balloon or water gunfight.

5. Bouncy Castle

Whether it is your house garden or a community hall, putting up a bouncy castle should remain on your list of birthday party ideas. It is not hard to find and hire a themed bouncy castle. Or, you can also buy inflatable castles if you’re going to use them in the future.

Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old IMG5

However, this idea will require you to have an eye on the kids at all times as it is important to ensure everyone’s safety.

6. Grow a flower

While this activity especially goes perfectly with the garden theme, you can always incorporate it with any theme. Planting is a very interactive activity that all children will enjoy.

Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old IMG6

This is the one activity that kids will like carefully following the instructions to.

This activity can also include letting the kids paint their pots before they add a flowering plant.

7. Other Yard Games

There are so many yard games that you can use as birthday party ideas for your six-year-old. You can decorate your yard like you would for a sports day. You can plan different kinds of races or other games like tug of war.

Indoor Birthday Party Ideas

8. Arts and Crafts

Does your child enjoy crafty activities? At this age, many children love creating and showing off things they made. You can let the young artsy guests make fantastic creations at your child’s party.

Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old IMG7

But don’t expect them to follow a lot of rules. Instead, let them experiment with their creativity.

You can have them make frames using Popsicle sticks or let them paint something. Then, they can take their art home with them.

9. Cupcake Decorating

This may be our favorite out of all birthday party ideas. While it is among the best birthday party ideas for 6 year old, you can’t make it happen without proper preparation.

Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old IMG8

So what can you do? Get already-baked cupcakes from a bakery or supermarket, or you can also bake them at home. However, make sure they have enough space on them to let the kids do the decorating.

You will also need to arrange for some other items like cake toppers and sprinkles to make it a fun experience.

You can also get aprons and chef hats for the kids to wear while they’re at it. Your child and their fellow guests are sure to have a lot of fun.

10. Movie Time

By the age of 6, most kids are responsible enough to take care of themselves. So, you can plan a relaxing movie time after the main celebration has ended.

Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old IMG9

You can either play your child’s favorite movie or introduce a new, fun one. You can make it even more fun for them with blankets and hot cocoa.

11. Board or Card Game

As they grow up, kids show extreme interest in things that they see adults do. It is best to take a chance and introduce them to a new board or card game.

Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old IMG10

However, managing it all can get a little difficult. We suggest that you let one parent supervise their child and team up.

Other Birthday Party Ideas

12. Pajama Party

A Pajama party tops the list of birthday party ideas for teens, but a children’s pajama party can be just as thrilling. You can invite the kids in their favorite pajamas. There are endless ways you can schedule the pajama party.

Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old IMG11

For instance, you can plan a movie evening or game time. You can also ask the young guests to bring along their blankets.

13. Bonfire

If the birthday arrives in the winter months, what could be better than a bonfire in the backyard? It can be a really exciting time for the kids. Moreover, the adults of the family can enjoy and have a good time while socializing with each other.

Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old IMG12

14. Character Party

Most children of this age have favorite characters, whether they’re from a movie or video game. This fun idea can give them the freedom to spend a day being their favorite fictional character.

Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old IMG13

You can decorate your house or community hall similar to a scene from your child’s favorite movie or game. Make sure you don’t leave out interesting props that they can pose with.

15. Spa Day

This is for your little girl and her girlfriends from school. You can plan a fun, relaxing day for the girls and let them have facials, manicures, and pedicures. You can also hire a professional to supervise and take care of the girls with you.

Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old IMG14

If you want, you can also add a bonus of makeup and dress-up. They will love dressing up and getting their nails done.

16. Science Party

A science-themed birthday party might be just the thing if your kid loved experimenting and learning. You can look for easy and fun science experiments for the kids to perform as a learning birthday activity.

Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old IMG15

17. Party favors

A lot of times, parents tend to forget about the party favors. This is because their main focus remains the décor and whether or not it perfectly matches with the theme they choose.

However, make sure you plan the party favors before you begin with the decor.

Remember that children love party favors that are edible or something interesting to take home.

18. Dress Code

While dress codes do not sound like good advice for a children’s party, they can be quite fun in certain situations. For instance, you can ask the little guests to dress up in costumes of their favorite superheroes for a superhero-themed birthday party.

19. Food and Drinks

While children mostly want to play and enjoy at a party rather than eat, you can still get them to stay full. Make sure you keep the likes and dislikes of all children in mind before deciding on a menu.

Keep snacks that they can eat while they're moving around. For more birthday party ideas, you can also have a food-themed birthday. For this, you can choose a specific food item such as ice cream or doughnuts.

Birthday Party Ideas - Wrap-up

Whether you choose one of the themes or incorporate two or three of the above-mentioned birthday party ideas, it is important to keep your child’s interests in mind.

Make sure you don’t keep all your focus on the decorations because food, games, and activities are just as essential to planning a memorable birthday party.