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Mom and toddler yoga: 10 best yoga exercises you can do with your toddler!

Table of contents:

  1. Welcome pose - namaste

  2. Breathing exercises

  3. Warm-up with pushups or down dog push-us

  4. Warm-up for your legs - chair pose with extra weight

  5. Cat and Cow pose

  6. Balance pose - let's grow into the Tree

  7. Goddess moms upgrade

  8. Bow pose

  9. Time to stretch with a forward bend

  10. Time to rest


You've already known how good is yoga for you, and you probably felt all the benefits on yourself, so why not invite your toddler on the yoga mat?

It will be a great indoor activity: both of you receive yoga benefits and have a lot of fun!

It's a big mistake to think that yoga is only for adults. I've been teaching kids for more than five years, and my practice shows that kids' yoga is as beneficial as adults' practice.