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8 Insensitive Questions You Shouldn’t Ask a Lesbian Mom

Table of contents:

1. “Who's The Sperm Donor?”

2. “Who’s The Biological Mother?”

3. “Won't your Child be Confused as What to Call You Both?”

4. “Is the Father in Your Childs Life?”

5. Where is Your Kid From?

6. “Won't Your Child Miss Out On ‘Dad Things’?”

7. “Do You Worry About Your Child Getting Teased Because of His Lesbian Moms?”

8. “What did you write under the “Father” Section on the Birth Certificate of Your Child?”


Coming out as a same-sex couple can be a challenge, even in today’s society. This is especially when you have a child. For some, coming out as a lesbian mom might mean having to face questions that seem patronizing, uncomfortable, or just downright rude. This is something that most gay people go through because while society has accepted the concept of same-sex couples, they have yet to embrace same-sex parenthood.

If you have friends or a family member who has a child and are in a same-sex relationship, you need to do your best to help them feel comfortable. Mentioned below are some insensitive questions that you should avoid asking.

Things a Lesbian Mom Doesn’t Like Being Asked

Here are a few common questions that people tend to ask. While they’re certainly common, they’re definitely not welcome. So whether you’re learning to educate yourself or the people around you, here are a few questions you shouldn’t ask.

1. “Who's The Sperm Donor?”

The moment people see same-sex couples with a child, the first thing they tend to ask is about the sperm donor. While it’s obvious that two female moms will rely on a sperm donor to have a baby, it’s not something that you need to know.

In fact, you shouldn’t be asking in the first place unless she is willing to tell you. It’s a very person