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Crib Recall: Everything You Need To Know About Drop-Side Cribs

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Buying a baby crib for your newborn is one of the most important steps you take as a parent. This means making sure you get the right one so that your baby stays safe in it.

There are different types of baby cribs out there, so you may get a bit overwhelmed when it comes to choosing one. A crib recall is just what you need to make sure you get the right one.

Drop-Side cribs look like one of the most convenient baby cribs out there, but they are very dangerous. There were many safety issues detected in this type of crib. So much that consumers can no longer buy it, and retailers can no longer sell it. Read further down and learn more about drop-side cribs.

Drop-Side Crib Safety Issues

As mentioned earlier, there were many safety issues found in baby drop-side cribs. So legally speaking, you can’t sell or donate these types of cribs. While there are many good functions that come with drop-side cribs, they create a huge gap between the crib mattress and the drop-side part.

Drop-Side Crib Safety Issues

This makes it pretty unsafe to keep your baby inside one because they can possibly suffocate or get strangled in-between the gaps. Some of the most common safety issues with a drop-side crib design are that there Is too much wear on the hardware because you have the option to install the drop-side upside-down. More safety issues include:

  • Depending on the materials of the crib, many types of softwood loosen the hardware.

  • Drop-side pieces frequently go missing, and this makes it easier for the crib to disassemble.

  • It is possible for the plastic drop-side hardware to warp or break

Due to these many safety issues, there have been around 32 fatal accidents cases involving infants and toddlers in drop-side detachments, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

The Ban on Drop-Side Cribs

The manufacturing and selling of drop-side cribs are banned in the US. Now, the manufacturing of all baby cribs must go through a meticulous process to meet federal safety standards. The Consumer Product Safety Act of 2008 laid out new crib standards as well.

There were other important key points stated in this act, other than the making and selling of such cribs being illegal. Mentioned below are the other key points manufacturers have to consider when making a baby crib, such as:

  • The units must undergo rigorous testing to ensure crib safety

  • Durability is very important to ensure mattress support

  • The crib shouldn’t have headboards or footboard cutouts

  • Immobilizer components or repair kits are not allowed, unlike before

  • The crib’s wooden slats should have durable construction comprising strong materials so that they don’t break easily

Ensuring Crib Safety

Since drop-side cribs were made illegal in 2011, authorities have laid out new crib regulations. It is very important for parents to emphasize certain factors when buying a crib and to check its safety. Mentioned below are a few safety guidelines that you, as a parent, should check for:

  • If you’re buying a used crib, ensure that it includes all the hardware and parts. The best way to check if all the components are there is by going through the instruction book that usually comes with the crib.

  • You must periodically check the crib’s hardware so that you know for sure that the crib isn’t broken or parts aren’t missing.

  • Make sure that you assemble the crib properly and that the crib is working just fine before you put your baby in it.

  • Check the crib recall by going to the CPSC website. This is the best way to see if the crib you’re buying is recalled. If you find the crib under recall, do not make the mistake of repairing it on your own. Get a professional to fix it, or better yet, buy a new one.

There are other crib safety tips that you should keep in mind. For instance, make sure the crib is free of toys, pillows, blankets, etc., when buying it. This has strictly been advised by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

 crib recall

You must also make sure that the baby mattresses come with a fitted sheet and should fit the crib size properly. This will make sure that the baby is safe while sleeping in the crib, with no chances of them getting trapped in between.

You must also avoid using positioners, so if that’s the case, you shouldn’t put your baby in the crib in the first place. The crib’s corner posts should also be at least less than 1/16th inch. This is important according to CPSC, as this way, you prevent any clothing from getting snagged. This means the slats of the crib should not have more than 2 3/8 between them.

Crib Recalls

According to the CPSC’s recall archives, more than 20 different crib recalls were issued during 2007 and 2011. After these recalls were registered, more than 11 million cribs from different manufacturers were affected.

Each recall did vary, but all of them were issued due to a major hardware and durability problem. These involved a gap in the crib, which could cause the child to get trapped and suffocate. With so many alarming cribs recalls, it was important for certain changes to be made.

The Takeaway

When buying a crib for your newborn, take these crib recall into account to keep your baby safe and protected. Now that drop-side cribs are banned, you don’t have to worry about accidentally buying one.

Nevertheless, it’s important to be vigilant when buying a new crib. Make sure to buy one from a reliable crib manufacturer as they follow safety guidelines and thoroughly test their designs.

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