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1st Grade Math: FrogYogi Practice Workbook

1st Grade Math: FrogYogi Practice Workbook


Do you think that studying is boring? Especially math? Math has too many problems to solve? Of course, studying is just something you have to do – which leads to the obvious question: if I have to do it, is there at least a way to make it fun and easy?


This book will open your mind to the world of mathematics. What does that mean? Students with a closed mindset that believes they need unique talent to be good in math will have a different perception. This workbook will teach them to open their mind and believe that they can change and grow in every area of their life.


So, before any new chapter or challenging information, we will use affirmations that you think, “Hm. I can do it! I can get better at this.


Another important part of successful studying is YOGA BREAKS. Practicing yoga and taking these mindful pauses while exploring new materials is like hitting the reset button. A lot of research suggests that yoga might improve attention, memory, and alleviate academic stress, three factors that are important for academic success.


Are you ready to improve your math score for first grade? Let’s go!


This workbook includes:

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking
  • Numbers & Operation in Base Ten
  • Measurement and Data
  • Geometry

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